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Water Jet Cutting – Why Opt for This Service

The services of water jet cutting are extensively applied in building and engineering spheres to cut many different types of materials. Water jet and laser jet cutting differ in more ways than one. Understanding their differences is helpful for the hobbyist and professional alike when choosing the cutting method that would be perfect for their needs in particular.

Water jet cuts through materials by using a high-pressured water jet. The required high degree of pressure is obtained by pushing the water via a very small opening at a maximum of 60,000 psi. A substance called garnett is supplemented to the water in order to improve the abrasion and further augment the cutting performance.

The resulting action of cutting is somehow the same as to when water cuts its way in the ground to form river beds throughout several thousands of years, but carried out right away and in an exact way.

This type of “abrasive cutting” can effectively cut through a large assortment of materials and thicknesses, which gives it a cutting edge over laser jet which the range of materials an thickness it can effectively cut through is quite limited.

The many different materials that water jet can cut through effectively include metals, ceramics and stone, concrete, glass, composites, wood, as well as plastics and rubbers.

Based on the type of material, the maximum thickness can be 8 inches with tolerances that can range from 0.005 inches to 0.010 inches.

Water jet cutting does not use heat, that is why it is perfect for materials that have been damaged or badly affected when heat is applied. It keeps the material’s structural integrity intact, which means it may be used on wood, plastics, and other types of materials in which the laser cutter cannot be used.

The downward along with the lateral pressure applied when cutting the material is practically negligible, meaning there aren’t any fixture expenses or additional hassles to deal with.

Choosing the exact cutter for your particular building or engineering project will save money, time, as well as the trouble of replacing a sheet, if not length of construction material due to a cut that is not precise.

Unless you are certain, you should spend some time to talk with a water jet cutting company that will have a good knowledge of the choices and is in a position to offer a good explanation on your available solutions according to your needs in particular. If water jet cutting is what you need, then you should definitely go for it.

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